22 January 2016

Making Maths Fun

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  • Half the working population have numeracy skills lower than an 11 year old
  • Research shows that teenagers struggle to do every day calculations like working out correct change or choosing the best deals in shops
  • The Nationwide education site is rich with resources making maths relevant and fun for children, parents and teachers

Helena Yeaman, Nationwide’s Education Manager, explains how we’re helping to put the fun into numbers with four new games.

Did you know that 17 million adults in the UK have numeracy skills lower than that expected of a primary school leaver ie an 11 year old? That’s half the working population (source: Department of Innovation & Skills). Here at Nationwide, our focus is on improving numeracy skills in both adults and children by making maths relevant and fun.

We’ve just given our very own educational website a bit of an overhaul to do just this – make numbers fun. You can now find a host of materials for children of all ages, parents and teachers, which are linked to the national curriculum on topics like:

  • numeracy
  • money
  • careers
  • sustainability
  • safety

From films and games to quizzes and worksheets, there’s something for everyone no matter what their ability is.

“Research shows that teenagers struggle to do every day calculations like working out correct change or choosing the best deals in shops.”

To help improve children’s skills, we’ve added three new supermarket games where children can practice and improve their maths:

We’ve carefully developed each game to include key elements of the maths curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2.

For Key Stage 3 and 4 we’ve launched Saving the Day where you can follow six characters facing financial conundrums. You’ll help them balance their wealth, health, happiness and time, by making lifestyle decisions for them to help avoid disaster!

As well as the website, we run a volunteer scheme for our own employees to work with pupils in local schools – Number Crunchers. It’s a variation on the more common ‘listening to a child reading’, where volunteers play maths games and support numeracy instead. Through regular sessions, volunteers are able to focus on the areas that help the child the most and see them progress over a period of time.

Last year we reached 83,000 young people with our education programmes and this year we want to reach even more, so why not try it out yourself by visiting www.nationwideeducation.co.uk.

About the author

Helena Yeaman

Helena Yeaman, Education Manager at Nationwide, works closely with schools and teachers to improve the numeracy skills of young people and adults.

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