12 November 2015

Developing tomorrow’s workforce

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  • More than 150 new graduates, apprentices and industrial placements students have started their new roles
  • Our Emerging Talent Programme is becoming increasingly important
  • The government has a target of creating 3 million apprentices by 2020

This time of year is interesting for us as our new graduates, apprentices and industrial placements have been here a month and it’s great to see them settling into their new roles.

They and their colleagues are adapting to the inevitable change that introducing more than 150 new people to an organisation brings. Many of the new intake haven’t worked for a major organisation before which means inducting them into the business in the right way is crucial. At Nationwide there’s enormous support for these new recruits and our culture lends itself to supporting them as they embrace their new roles.

Emerging Talent Programme

These new employees are members of what we call our Emerging Talent Programme. It’s an area of recruitment which is becoming increasingly important as employers vie for the best talent, which is why we’ve decided to increase our intake this year, and why we plan to continue to raise the numbers.

As the largest building society in the UK, and an organisation which unlike the banks isn’t beholden to maximising profit for shareholders, we feel that we can offer our emerging talent recruits something a little different.

There’s no doubt about it, that as we continue to meet the needs of our consumers and adapt to the shifting, increasingly digital ways in which they wish to interact with us, we need people with a certain and very specific skill set. This is why we have introduced the Technical Development Programme, one of four programmes within our graduate scheme.

“…we need people with a certain and very specific skill set…”

This means our graduates can focus on the business areas which deal with the technical side of banking ensuring we have a constant stream of employees dedicated to this area moving up through the business. This is just one example of developing employees’ skills from within the organisation as opposed to merely relying on attracting people with the right skill set to the area or recruiting from the region’s existing talent pool.

Another key element of the Emerging Talent Programme are our apprentices. There’s a lot in the news about apprentices at the moment with the government’s target of creating 3 million apprentices by 2020.

As a member of the Industry Skills Board we’ve fed into the City and Guilds’ report 'Making Apprenticeships Work' released in early October. One of the conclusions was that there needs to be a more consistent approach to the recruitment of apprentices. At the moment it very much depends on the employer which means there is a lack of consistency within this particular area of entry level talent. At Nationwide we’re very proud of both our scheme and our apprentices. Apprentices have roles and responsibilities from day one – which means, like all our directly employed employees, temps and contracted employees, we pay them at least the Living Wage which is currently more than double the minimum apprentice wage. This underlines their importance and quashes any notion that they’re somehow less important than those who aren’t on the apprenticeship scheme.

To find out more about the Emerging Talent Programme and to apply for vacancies visit www.nationwide-jobs.co.uk/et

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Ann Brown, our HR Director, shares her passion for employee resourcing, talent and engagement in Nationwide, contributing to our reputation as a great employer and modern mutual.

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