Tackling the housing crisis

More and more families lack a secure or fit place to call home. Too few properties are being built, rental stock can be outdated and in poor condition and there’s a lack of support for the vulnerable. We’re meeting this challenge head-on by supporting projects aimed at providing decent places to live in communities which need it most.

Making a dent in the housing crisis will take a team effort. So we’re inviting local housing charities and causes with great ideas to apply for grants. We’re also forming Community Boards: panels of Nationwide members and employees and local charity partners who’ll shortlist the applications. We'll then let our members choose which of these we get behind with our funding and know-how.

Community Grants explained

Nationwide is looking to:

  • Provide grants of up to £50,000 for housing projects
  • Invite applications from housing charities and causes
  • Fund projects that improve local housing issues
  • Form Community Boards, made up of Nationwide members, employees and local charity partners region-by-region
  • Ask our members to vote for which projects we should support in their local communities

Fund your project

Are you a charity or similar organisation with a housing project that needs funding? We’re looking for innovative and scalable solutions that’ll make a real impact at a local level. We’re making up to £50,000 available plus expert support and time.

Applications have now closed for the Northern region of England for this year.

Applications for other regions will open in 2018.

Get involved

As part of our grant funding programme, we’re setting up Community Boards in every region of the UK. If you’re a Nationwide member, such as one of our account holders, this could be a rewarding way to make a difference in your community.

Why this matters to us

The struggle for a home of one’s own is close to our heart. Nationwide was formed by a group of people working together to afford places of their own. This spirit of mutual co-operation and community building still defines us. We don’t have shareholders in the way that banks do, so we work in the interests of our members. What’s more, every year we give at least 1% of our pre-tax profits to good causes.

Today, we help millions of people to save or borrow for a home. But we also recognise many are being left behind. This echoes why we were founded – and it’s why we’re committed to ensure everyone has a place fit to call home.

If you've got a question about our Community Grants, we'd love to hear from you.