Women in finance

Increasing senior female representation at Nationwide

Diversity matters at Nationwide. We want our workplace to reflect the diverse communities and cultures our 15 million members come from. Which is why gender, together with disability and ethnicity, is one of the key focuses of our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy for 2016-2020.


Women currently represent 63% of the workforce at Nationwide however, we know this reduces at more senior levels.

We are committed to increasing the number of women in our senior leadership population and we have put a programme in place to help us achieve this.

Along with our wider Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) Strategy (2016 -2020), we have also set targets for female representation at all senior management levels.  We aim to reach these targets by 31 December 2020 and will be checking our progress regularly to make sure we're on track. 

Our progress will be monitored and reported to our ED&I Committee (reporting to our Nominations Committee) bi-annually and to our Board annually. 

The chart shows society wide targets for executives and senior managers
Society gender targets and progress (August 2016) Gender (female)
Target 2020 Current Actual - Aug 2016
Board 33% total population 27%
Executive Committee 27%
Total 27%
  Target 2016 Target 2020  
Level 5 25% 33% 27%
Level 4 20% 35% 19%
Level 3 SE 31% 35% 29%
Level 3 (senior manager) 36% 40% 36%

(Nb. All figures rounded up or down). (Source: Nationwide August 2016 HR People Metrics)

Senior level support

Two members of our Executive Committee: Alison Robb and Tony Prestedge are Nationwide's executive sponsors for gender.

Women in Finance Charter HM Treasury Mark

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