Leaving phone at home is alien concept to 99% of Brits

  • Nationwide one of first to make Android Pay available to its customers from today
  • Mobiles replacing landlines, watches, diaries and even wallets
  • One in three Brits now using phones to make payments

Brits can’t bear to be parted from their mobile phones as new research reveals 99 per cent of Brits would dash back home on realising they had forgotten their device.

New research from Nationwide Building Society, marking the launch of Android Pay, reveals 99 per cent of the 2,000 people surveyed would not hesitate in returning home to collect their beloved device. This is perhaps because the mobile phone has become the primary method for a range of activities that people would have previously used separate devices for. More than two in five (42%) say that their phone has replaced their landline, while for many it has also replaced their watch (29%), diary (22%) and home computer (14%). For six per cent of people, their phone has replaced their wallet.

Nationwide today becomes one of the first in the UK to adopt Android Pay. Customers with debit cards will be able to make purchases within thousands of apps and pay for goods and services at almost 460,000 terminals across the country¹.

The national poll shows that having the latest technology is vital to many users - more than half (55%) say access to the latest mobile payment technology is important, with a quarter (26%) willing to change their mobile phone in order to be able to use the latest payment methods.

Around a third of people (32%) have used their mobile phone to make a payment, with most users doing so once or twice a day. Londoners were by far the biggest adopters of mobile payments, with nearly two thirds (62%) using the technology. This is most likely because availability of contactless is more prevalent in London with many using it to pay for travel on the tube or bus, in addition to shops and bars.

Nearly half (49%) of people said the most important factor when making a payment is security. Android Pay is a secure method of payment as the card is encrypted and tokenised within the phone adding additional levels of security to everyday transactions.

The research also highlighted that new payment methods must be easy to use. More than half (52%) said that they regularly walk around with their mobile phone in their hand. In order to use Android Pay they just need to hold their phone near the terminal in order to make a payment of £30 or less.

Paul Horlock, Nationwide’s Head of Payments, said: “Paying with any device needs to be fast, secure and convenient for people, and emerging technologies that don’t match that criteria could end up in the list of bad ideas rather than people’s pockets.

“As one of the first to offer Android Pay, we are giving our customers a wide choice on how they want to make transactions. With our lives becoming increasingly more reliant on mobile phones, we believe the service will be a valuable addition as many look to consolidate a range of services into one device”.

Notes to Editors

¹Visa Europe - https://www.visa.co.uk/newsroom/visa-europe-announces-record-revenues-as-the-uk-goes-contactless-1300858?returnUrl=/newsroom/listing?tag=contactless

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