Keep Christmas card safe this year

02 December 2013

Last year one in five new Nationwide credit cards sent out during the festive season were to replace lost or stolen cards.

Nationwide Building Society is urging shoppers and revellers to take extra care with their cards this Christmas, the time of the year when the number of lost or stolen credit cards soars.

As more people are out celebrating or shopping for Christmas presents, their cards are more likely to go missing. Although cancelling cards is straightforward enough, Nationwide is warning people to ensure private data such as their PIN numbers remains safe to prevent stolen or found cards being used by thieves and fraudsters.

Paul Carvell, Head of Credit Cards, explains: “It’s always important to keep your credit cards, debit cards and cash safe, but as people spend time enjoying themselves at Christmas, they should be extra vigilant, both in terms of their cards and their PIN numbers.

“Christmas is traditionally a busy time for replacement cards, and we don’t see this year being any different. But there are a few easy precautions people can take to ensure a lost or stolen card can’t be used if they fall into the wrong hands.”

Nationwide’s tips for keeping Christmas card safe include:

  • Keep your card safe and never give it to anyone
  • Do not let your card out of your sight when making a transaction
  • Always shield your PIN when paying for goods or withdrawing cash
  • Never give your PIN to anyone, not even to friends or family

Cancel any lost or stolen cards immediately – if need be, keep your card issuer’s number stored in your phone

As more and more people shop online, Nationwide is also warning customers to be careful not to fall foul of scammers using the internet and email to trick them out of their money.

Nationwide has created a page to help people protect themselves from online fraud. It also provides some tips for safe internet shopping:

  • Only shop at trustworthy websites – if you don’t recognise the retailer, don’t use their website
  • Always use a secure computer, not one at work or in public if you can help it, and remember to log out after completing your purchases
  • Always use a secure computer, not one at work or in public if you can help it, and remember to log out after completing your purchases
  • Always use a secure computer, not one at work or in public if you can help it, and remember to log out after completing your purchases
  • Beware of phishing e-mail – never respond to an email that requires or demands that you update or confirm your personal details*
  • Beware of vishing calls where people will call you and try to get you to reveal your bank details over the phone

Notes to editors:

If a Nationwide customer has a card lost or stolen the number(s) to contact are:

  • 0800 30 20 11 for FlexAccount debit cards
  • 0800 357 357 for FlexDirect debit cards
  • 0800 11 88 55 for FlexPlus debit cards
  • 08000 55 66 22 for Credit Cards

*Avoid phishing emails as Nationwide will not ask for customers to update information via email.

Nationwide will refund any money as a result of fraudulent activity provided that:

1. Permission has not been given to another person to use memorable data, a passnumber or card reader generated passcodes
2. Security data obligations contained within the online and mobile banking terms and conditions have been complied with
3. Correct payment instructions have been provided
4. Transactions have not been authorised by the account holder
5. The fraud has not occurred as a result of the account holder using an account aggregation service that consolidates information from each financial account into one place such as a single website.

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