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24 - 26 November 2015

Students at the Victoria Education Centre (VEC) receive specialised education, care and therapy, and have access to the centre’s expansive grounds to help with their disabilities.

Our volunteers got stuck in to help transform parts of the grounds that had become overgrown: planting a new sensory fairy garden, clearing overgrown areas, chopping wood and planting saplings provided by the Woodland Trust. Volunteers also renewed the horticulture sales displays, painted potting sheds and helped make Christmas wreaths and decorations to help with the centre's fundraising. It was a busy few days!

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Achieving through believing

The Victoria Education Centre supports 87 children and 15 young adults who have physical, communication and/or learning disabilities. The education centre provides accessible education, high-quality care, therapy and a residential children’s home. There are also 55 adults with learning difficulties who attend a few days a week to learn valuable horticulture skills.

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Our volunteers are helping to keep the grounds in good, usable condition, so that students young and old can enjoy and benefit from the gardens all year round. It also means the VEC can use the resources it would otherwise have to spend on the gardens on other facilities around the centre. 

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David's story

"To see and hear the joy of the children from the centre made our day's volunteering absolutely worthwhile; a humbling experience."

David, Nationwide member

Nationwide and the VEC

This charity was nominated by our employees and members who live locally and wanted to support them. We carried out our first project with the centre in 2014 and our volunteers are helping to maintain the grounds in autumn and spring.

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The detail


The Victoria Education Centre in Poole, Bournemouth.


24 - 26 November 2015.

Skills needed?

Energy and enthusiasm for being outdoors!

Anything else?

We asked volunteers to wear suitable warm clothing and sturdy shoes. We provided all the tools and direction on what work to do in the gardens.



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Read the Victoria Education Centre's Prospectus, or find out more about the centre on its website.

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