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We’re inviting you – employees, members and local communities – to work with us and support the causes you care about.

What is Side by Side?

We’re working side by side with our members and employees to make a positive difference to local communities and charities throughout the UK.

We started Side by Side for our employees and members to work hand in hand and support the charities and community projects that matter to them. Then we opened it up to friends, family and the general public.

Why? Employee volunteering and corporate fundraising are nothing new. 

But we’ve learnt that the more people we have working together, the bigger the impact we can have.

Get involved with Side by Side

There are lots of ways you can get involved – and you don’t have to be a Nationwide employee or member. If you’re willing and able to help, we’d love to have you on board.



Learning new skills, gaining more confidence and being part of your community – volunteering has lots of benefits for you, as well as those you’re helping.



As well as volunteering time, donations are vital for charities. No matter how big your donation, it can help the causes that mean a lot to you.



Find out about different causes and how they’re helping people throughout the UK or in their local communities – and how they could help you.



Is there a charity or community project you’d like us to support? Tell us and, wherever we can, we’ll get behind them too.

Side by side volunteers

"Nationwide have done a very good thing here – they've been able to identify that people do have time available in small chunks, but don't know how to get that time used for communities. I think for Nationwide to invest their staff's time is very important" 

Alan, Nationwide member

Our goals

We aim to:


Involve 1,000 people in volunteering projects, fundraising and raising awareness


Inspire 75% of our employees to support their local community

£15 million

Over 5 years we're investing and unlocking £15 million in local communities

As a mutual company, we’re owned by and run for the benefit of our members – those of you who bank, save or have a mortgage with us. Our mutual values are at the heart of Side by Side and our citizenship strategy, so doing the right thing is a big part of our company culture. 

Our successes so far

Side by side

Volunteers unleash their entrepreneurial side for Shelter

Find out more about our work with Shelter

We raised over £150,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support and broke the record for the World’s Largest Cream Tea Party

Find out more about our with with Macmillan

We’re helping to build a Nation of Lifesavers with the British Heart Foundation

Find out more our work with BHF

We're planting 60,000 trees in the UK, starting with the creation of a woodland with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Find out more about our work with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Volunteers get their hands dirty for the Victoria Education Centre

Find out more about our work with Victoria Education Centre

"Volunteers are absolutely critical for us, we just couldn't do what we do without them"

Anne, Shelter

Supporting charitable causes

Macmillan logo

Macmillan supports people affected by cancer and strives to make sure no one faces cancer alone.


Shelter helps millions of people each year struggling with homelessness or poor housing conditions.

The Big Local

Is there a charity or community project you’d like us to support? Tell us and, wherever we can, we'll get behind them too.


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